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Why Do Companies Need Multi-Currency Support?

Whether it is for dealing with customers or suppliers from abroad, for accepting foreign currencies in point of sale cash operations or for keeping the accounting books in several currencies for corporate reasons, your company might need to deal with multiple currencies on a daily basis. The reality is that in the globalized, interdependent and competitive world in which we live, the need for multi-currency support is increasing very rapidly regardless of the size, nature and location of the business.

Openbravo’s full multi-currency support enables easy transaction processing and reporting. Daily exchange rates can be registered while keeping old rates. Sales and purchase invoices can be issued in foreign currencies. Payments and collections as well as bank accounts, cashbooks or any electronic payment account can be properly managed regardless of the currency. Valued reports can be automatically converted into other currencies. And even accounting transactions can be posted in several currencies in the General Ledger. All these capabilities make the business processes ready to deal with any foreign party.

Besides the multi-currency capability, Openbravo 3 is a state of the art web-based and open source ERP solution that can help you to manage your business or organization better. Its functional footprint includes capabilities for managing all core business processes from any company and the solution can be configured to meet industry specific needs.

Are you ready for a demo? Don’t wait any longer and have a look into Openbravo! Contact us here and we will be pleased to put you in touch with one of our local partners.

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