What you need to know to print your own checks in Openbravo

Openbravo allows you now to print your own checks not only including the amount to pay in numbers but also in words and in the language required.
To get that working it is necessary to install below listed modules:
1. Check Printing module allows you to print a check or several checks at the same time and even search for and print a check again.
You can review the Check Printing Configuration Manual and the Check Printing User Manual to learn about how to configure and to use this feature.
2. Number to Word module provides the infrastructure required to convert numbers into words therefore it is specially useful while printing checks.
You can review the Number to Word wiki page to learn more about it.

3. Number to Word (Spanish) or the Number to Word (English) modules provides the javaclass which converts numbers into “Spanish” words or into “English” words for instance. Once installed the dataset which populates the corresponding javaclass that allow printing checks in a given language needs to be applied to the organization which requires printing checks in that language.

Technically speaking, these last javaclass need to extend the Number to Word javaclass as described below:
    public class MyNumberToWord extends NumberToWord 

where “MyNumberToWord” is the javaclass which extends the NumberToWord javaclass for a given language.

Additionally, the Check Printing module and its Spanish translation are now part of the Spanish Professional Localization Pack for Openbravo 3 same as the Number to Word module and and its translation therefore if you install the pack those two modules will also be installed.

On the other hand, Number to Word (Spanish) module is not part of the Spanish Professional Localization Pack for Openbravo 3 therefore it should be installed separately.

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