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Upgrading to Openbravo 3

Now it is one month since Openbravo 3 was Generally Available released.

But what about people using Openbravo 2.50? Should they continue using 2.50 for the next few years? The answer is NO…  Now it is very easy to upgrade to Openbravo 3 for all of them!

From 2.50 MP31 (which is currently in  QA Approved maturity status, learn more) upgrade using ERP’s user interface is supported. We have worked hard to provide an easy upgrade path. Being in 2.50 MP31 or higher, after Scanning for updates you will find, in addition to he updates for your modules, upgrade to Openbravo 3. Upgrade is a new flow (similar to update) that will guide you through the steps required to end up with your instance in the new major version. Even “upgrade” can sound as very a difficult and complex task, I suggest you to try it and realize how it is possible to do it in matter of some hours. Here, you can find detailed documentation on this process.

MMC Upgrade

But this is not all the good news:

  • We wanted to make Openbravo 3 as accessible as possible, so 2.50 MP31 has been released as a Community version, this means Community Edition 2.50 instances will be able to easily update to this version through user interface.
  • For professional subscribers, there is also available an upgrade for the Openbravo Appliance.
Enjoy Openbravo 3!

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