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The progress of the user experience redesign

As a Openbravo ERP consultant and member of the Openbravo Community, I am always curious about what is coming next in the product; in particular, I am now interested in the progress of the new user interface for 3.0.
To satisfy my curiosity, I often ask Openbravo Product Development team fellows to show me what they are working on. I would like to share some screenshots I made while testing some of these features.
As a disclaimer this is work in progress and not an announcement of availability of these capabilities. There is a ton of work to be done to complete these cool features and it is evolving everyday. Just wanted you to be aware of the great features that will come in the new release, so we all can sense the power that is quickly reaching us… 😉

My Openbravo user dashboard and the new user interface are two of the main new capabilities Openbravo ERP 3.0 will have. Look at the screenshots to see what’s coming…

The new My Openbravo where many different widgets can be configured. Custom webs, transaction widgets, reports, graphics…

Master detail view. In this example, as the user selects 3 modules and clicks on the DB_Prefix tab, the system shows the prefixes of all 3 modules.

Edit any record fields in grid mode.

This is great! What do you think ?

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