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Test drive a preview of Openbravo 3 and experience what people are raving about

The past few hours have seen an increased Twitter activity on people giving favorable reviews of the new user experience of Openbravo 3.

The new product, with the new user interface, will become available to the overall community in our next release candidate, Openbravo 3.0 RC4, due for release in a few days. The code for this release is publicly available in our source control repository and it is very close to completion; a few members of our community have already been able to test it and are sharing their feedback in the social media.

This is great! And, in fact, we would love to get even more people trying the new product out and giving us feedback.

If you want to check it out and experience first hand what people are raving about, you do not need to be a developer, knowledgeable about code builds, or able to mess with source code repositories.

There is a simple trick to get local access to our latest build without having to leave the comfort of your browser interface. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by downloading an Openbravo 3.0 RC3 appliance.
  2. Login as System Administrator and navigate to the Module Management window (General Setup -> Application -> Module Management)
  3. In the Settings tab, specify that you will accept modules in maturity level “Test” for both scan for update and new module installation actions. The image below shows the relevant fields highlighted in red.Now your system is ready to be updated to our latest version under development.
  4. Return to the Installed Modules tab in that same window and press the Scan for Updates button.
  5. From here follow the normal update process, starting by clicking on the Install Updates Now, completing the installation of the new version and continuing with a system rebuild and a mid-tier restart.
  6. Once you are done, you will be able to login in a preview version of Openbravo 3 and start experiencing the new user interface.

NOTE: at this stage, the client is very demanding on browser resources and we have not completed its optimization yet. Your system will be faster if you use either Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 or Chrome.

Keep in mind that this is a preview version, straight out of the tip of the code repository and that it has not gone through QA. You are likely to find instabilities and you should not use it for production purposes.
However, the system is certainly quite stable and it should be more than enough for you to get a sense of the great things that are coming very soon.

Spend some time playing with this product. I highly recommend it and I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as we do. Your feedback is important for us, so please do not forget to drop a line in the Early Releases Discussion forum letting us know what you think.

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