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Switching from Oracle to PostgreSQL

We, consultants, aren’t so techie as developers are and changes take a bit longer. During last couple of months I’m introducing myself to PostgreSQL: installing sources, developing, installing database client, etc.

Just in case you are in a similar situation:
– On config/ file, bbdd.sid parameter is a different concept from what you are used to in Oracle. In case you have an environments and want to install a second one, bbdd.sid must be different. Otherwise, when executing ant install.source your first database user will be erased. Conclusion, when using PostgreSQL, per each OpenbravoERP installation you will need a different database.sid. This is, bbdd.sid concept is different in Oracle and in PostgreSQL.

– When accessing database throw a terminal-based front-end, Oracle uses SQL+ while PostgreSQL uses psql. They are very similar and really helpful when accessing OpenbravoERP server using ssh connection.

Please feel free to comment any additional main differences when switching from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

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