I would like to talk about a very useful tool I have just find out: ScrapBook.

ScrapBook is a Mozilla Firefox add-on to save web pages and have a look at them later offline. It is really useful when your Internet connectivity is very bad or slow.

It saves web pages, single or multiple. I mean, not just a single web page but all related links in the page you are saving. You can decide depth. You can later on highlight some text, add a sticky comment, remove some content you do not want to save from a page, etc. It also includes folder and page management for “scraped” items, importation and exportation tools, size calculation features, etc.

A really interesting for those who have limited connectivity and need to check some documentation web pages frequently.

For example, I have the Openbravo wiki (http://wiki.openbravo.com) “scraped” on my laptop. It is amazingly useful. I get the information as if I would have the wiki on my localhost. Here you have a screenshot:


Do you have any similar interesting tools useful for Openbravo Community?

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