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RM Updates: Amazon backup stratergy, Mantis Upgrade, Establish automatic process for releasing 2.40, OB@OB

These are the latest news from the Openbravo’s Release Management Team:

Backup Strategy: EBS boot.

Amazon has a new feature ebs boot, this helps us to keep our root partition in ebs volume and also allows us to have data up to 1TB in root partition. This helps us in the following way : better backup strategy and from now we can pause & re-start an instance and thus saving cost. My colleague gnuyoga has a blog about the same.

Mantis Upgrade: Upgrade to mantis-1.2.0

As you know our existing issue tracker is based on mantis 1.1.8. With the release of mantis 1.2.0, it promises lot of interesting productivity boosters. We are migrating our current mantis to latest. This involves quiet bit of challenge. In this sprint we address customization like SSO (Single Sign On, etc), and custom css. If you want to be a beta tester to testing our new mantis please drop us an email for us to give you a test account.

Continuous release of 2.40 branch

So the mantra of 2.40 branch is continuous release as detailed in my colleague juan pablo’s blog post. Now this task is complete and for details see here

OB@OB: Documentation and Linux tool

This task was about documenting the process of replicating production environment to testing environment and creating a new tool that automates this process in linux.

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