Reference dataset: easy to export, easy to import

Managing Reference Dataset is a new functionality based on Modularity Project. Its goal is to be able to provide some module information, apart from the development, so the user gets the module fully installed when applies the module.

But as many other developed functionalities, Reference Dataset can be also used in many ways. For example:

    – If you are preparing your final environment and few users introduce valuable information on your testing environment, using Reference Dataset is very easy to move master data from one environment to other one.
    – I guess it could also be useful for off line synchronizations between disconnected OpenbravoERP instances or between two any applications. For example, having PDAs as routers.

What ever is your situation:

    – Create a module, and check “Has reference” check box to “Y”.
    – Set up a reference data, type Organization. Define tables and columns you want to include or exclude.
    – Export reference data, it will create a XML file.
    – Export the database.
    – Export the module.
    – Import the module on your destination environment.
    – Go to Enterprise module management (General Setup-Enterprise) and import reference data.

Of course, some improvements can be achieved to simplify this process. For example allow exporting and importing XML files without having to manage modules. It is already registered as feature request.

There is also some more documentation available.

Do you have any other situation where reference data is useful?

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