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Q3-2014 Openbravo Commerce Platform and ERP Platform Releases available

We are happy to announce that the new Commerce and ERP Platform Releases, 3.0RR14Q3 and 3.0PR14Q3, are already available in QAA (QA Approved) status. Detailed release information can be found in our wiki:  3.0RR14Q3 (Commerce) and 3.0PR14Q3 (ERP).


These two releases come with a new set of capabilities that enhance the previous releases. Highlights:

Commerce Platform (3.0RR14Q3)

Security and Audit

POS Terminal Authentication
POS Terminal Authentication

POS HW and Peripherals


ERP Platform (3.0PR14Q3)

  • And we have continued our effort in the area of system performance with different improvements that will help to provide higher performance and system responsiveness

If you want to learn more about our solutions visit our Commerce Platform and ERP Platform web sections. If you are interested about what is coming check our Roadmap.

During the next few days we have planned for additional materials that will help to better understand the benefits of all these new capabilities. Stay tuned!

We encourage you to start reviewing all these new features and use our social channels to share  your thoughts with us on what we are doing and how you think we can make Openbravo solutions even better!

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