Preferences and callouts

The Openbravo platform’s flexibility is based on many capabilities: modularity, application dictionary, auxiliary inputs, preferences, callouts, validations, etc.

Using them separately is easy and not complex, but when using more than one together requires a execution sequence knowledge in order to achieve your development design.

A couple of days ago, developing a new module I included an auxiliary input, some preferences, more than a callout and many validations on the same WAD generated window. Furthermore, all where related to just one database column.

I mean, there was a column including a validation based on a auxiliary input with a callout. And the field on top of this column was affected by a preference.

How do all these functionalities work together? What is the execution sequence?

    – Auxiliary input is included on html generation time.
    – Validation is done on execution time, when loading data for drop down list (based on a global variable o auxiliar input).
    – Preferences are loaded, so a change is performed on this field.
    – Callout is executed based on the preference value change.

As callouts might be tricky if are not properly developed, it is important to know when they are executed and when not. It took me a while to realize there was a preference interfering with my callout.

Take it into account!

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