Openbravo Web POS now supports RFID Readers

The effectiveness of the POS solution critical to improving strore efficiency and for that reason Openbravo supports muliple technologies designed to reduce wait times at the POS.

The Openbravo Web POS supports various card readers, new barcode scanners and since 3.0RR16Q3 it also supports RFID Readers.

What is a “RFID Reader” and what we can do with it

rfid2Radio-Frequency IDentification uses electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling to automatically identify tags attached to objects. The tags contain information to identify themselves (Serial number, EAN…). Passive tags get energy from a nearby RFID reader and unlike a barcode, the tag need not be within the line of sight of the reader, so it may be embedded in the object. This is why is used as an alternative to barcode. RFID readers allow us to identify a product faster and easier making our work more productive.

In addition, we can read more than one object at the same time so  a single RFID reader can read all products in a full shopping cart at once.

How to start using a RFID Reader with Web POS

First off, we need to connect the RFID reader (physical device) to the machine where Hardware Manager is deployed and create a suitable configuration in Hardware Manager to establish this connection. For more on this aspect, consult device configuration.

In the back office, the Pos Terminal Type window also has some configuration options and you must enable at least the “Use RFID” check — see Openbravo ERP configuration for a detailed explanation.

Now, after enabling Web POS action Disable / Enable RFID Reader preference you will find an RFID button in the main menu. This button allows us to disable and enable the RFID reader.

The status of the RFID Readers is reflected in a new icon next to the SCAN label in the main toolbar. This icon has 3 states:

  • Green:The RFID reader is connected and enabled.
  • Red:The RFID reader is connected but disabled.
  • Grey: The connection with the RFID reader was lost.

With everything configured correctly, products can be added to the ticket using the reader. To do so, one just needs to move an RFID tag near the reader and it will beep.

In the case of a Return operation, scanned products are added with negative quantity. There are some buffers in order to add security to the scanning process avoiding common problems such as adding the same product twice.

As  you can see,  that there is not much configuration required to set up RFID Reader with Web POS, so it is easy to start working with RFID scanners and so  boost your POS efficiency.


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