Openbravo new product vision and roadmap are here!

Openbravo Product Roadmap

This is a very exciting time for Openbravo. We are off to a fantastic start of 2014 and are thrilled about all the great things going on in and around Openbravo.

Currently we are rolling out our updated product vision and roadmap for the coming years in and beyond our ecosystem. Similarly we have started to communicate our new and improved value proposition and resulting product and services offer.

Our ambition is to continuously bring solutions to the market that are better and better, and enable our clients to address more effectively than ever the business challenges they are facing on a daily basis in today’s dynamic markets. So we invite you to check out some of our latest resources we briefly comment on below.

We’ve updated our website to present the two main components of our improved offer:

Both built on top of a flexible and easily extendible development platform that is web, mobile and cloud-ready.

We’ve published a new Roadmap document that reflects our updated product vision. It comes with a new release policy that includes a new update of the Roadmap on a quarterly basis. At that moment we will publish a new version of the Roadmap document. In practice this means that the remaining updates for 2014 will be shared with everyone in April, July and October.

Don’t hesitate  to check some of the roadmap features, a lot of them already available in June such as, for example:

  • Terminals and Stores Opening and Closing that extends our current support to daily store operations with a higher control of the status and information of the store and all its terminals
  • Combos and Best Deal Case that extend our promotions and discounts engine with additional discount options. The Combos feature extends our current packs functionality with new capabilities that will make it perfect for retail subsectors such as fast food restaurants and others. The Best Deal Case will help to improve retailers’ customer loyalty by applying the best offer available.
  • Training mode on web POS that will help to train store staff more efficiently and to start ringing in sales even faster


Openbravo Embedded Analytics Engine
Openbravo Embedded Analytics Engine


And many other features that will be released both for the Commerce and ERP Platform components. We will provide more detail about some of them in the coming blog posts.

We encourage you to visit these latest information resources and use our social channels to share  your thoughts with us on what we are doing and how you think we can make Openbravo solutions even better!

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