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Openbravo Forge achieves growth milestone: 10k Developers

I just noticed that Openbravo Forge, the collaborative development environment from Openbravo, has reached the 10 thousand developer mark!   When I last blogged about it in August 2009, Openbravo Forge had 6997 developers and 139 projects.  Now we are at 10000 developers, working together on over 300 ERP-related projects!

This steady growth demonstrates what an open source community can do when a best-in-class project like Openbravo ERP is paired with a robust collaboration tool like Openbravo Forge. 

Note that I am using the term “developer” in a general sense.   Developing world class web-based ERP solutions for SMB requires a wide range of talent.  So in addition to ERP application developers, Openbravo Forge users  include ERP functional experts, System Architects, QA analysts, User Experience experts, and people involved in documentation, language translation, localization, and more.   If you have an interest in ERP, check out Openbravo Forge to see what all of the excitement is about!  Hint: it may have a little bit to do with collaboration and innovation…  :)

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