Openbravo for Retail Developers Guide

The new Openbravo for Retail that has been recently announced includes a new point of sale (POS) application. It is very easy to use, designed for touch screens and to support multiple POS devices.

Openbravo for Retail has been designed with modularity in mind allowing developers to customize and extend this new point of sale application easily in a modular way. To help developers with this task we announce the first version of the Openbravo for Retail Developer’s Guide that includes documentation about all the new technologies created by Openbravo to develop this new point of sale.

The Openbravo for Retail Developer’s Guide has been created with a similar structure of the Openbravo Developer’s Guide. This is an overview of the included categories:

  • The Concepts section gives a detailed description of all relevant Openbravo for Retail development concepts.
  • The How-to sections describe Openbravo for Retail development topics using a focused development goal.
Openbravo for Retail is based on Openbravo 3 technology. Before starting with the Openbravo for Retail Developer’s Guide it is a good idea to have a look at the Openbravo Developer’s Guide that explains the concepts Openbravo for Retail is based on.
This is the first version of the Openbravo for Retail Developer’s Guide. We will continue working on it creating new and polishing existing documents. You are invited to help us improve this documentation. Leave your feedback in the Openbravo for Retail forums or contribute directly to the articles.
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