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Openbravo expands Cloud support with native Ubuntu 9.10 package

As announced in this recent blog post, Openbravo has released a native Openbravo ERP package for Ubuntu 9.10, which brings an important new capability to Openbravo users: full support on the Amazon Cloud.    Here are the official AMI (Amazon Machine Image) IDs for Ubuntu 9.10.  If you are new to Amazon Web Services, Ubuntu’s EC2 Starter’s Guide will get you started with instructions on how to create an account and start and manage a new instance.

With the native Ubuntu 9.10 package, Openbravo is now providing another fully-supported, standard way to deploy to the cloud (in addition to our cloud appliance)–just start with the 9.10 AMI and install the Openbravo Ubuntu package, as usual.   This is an ideal option for customers of all sizes who appreciate the flexibility, security, and wide range of applications available for easy installation on Ubuntu Server, combined with the benefits of deploying Openbravo ERP on the public Amazon Cloud, which include:

  • freedom from the cost and hassle of acquiring and managing your own physical hardware
  • low monthly billing, with the ability to incrementally increase the computer resources you pay for, as you need them
  • secure, browser access to Openbravo ERP from anywhere in the world
  • ability to achieve efficient, off-site backup

WIth Openbravo’ Ubuntu 9.10 package, larger organizations and SaaS providers seeking to deploy Openbravo ERP  on a private cloud behind their own firewall can do so with the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud–which is compatible with the Amazon public cloud, enabling easy migration and the ability to “burst” to the public cloud during peak periods as needed.

Cloud computing is growing steadily, and recent surveys suggest that further acceleration in cloud adoption is on the horizon.  Cloud computing, Ubuntu, and Openbravo ERP are all now past the “early adopter” stage, and together provide an ideal combination for many SMBs.  Openbravo customers are increasingly deploying on the cloud, and we at Openbravo use the Amazon EC2 Cloud extensively in our own IT infrastructure.  We have extensive real world experience with it, and can attest to the benefits.  Now is a great time to get started with Openbravo ERP, Ubuntu, and the Amazon Cloud!
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