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Openbravo documentation. Status update. Part II.

Dear All,

As a follow up to the initial blog post from Ismael we would like to announce that Documentation project is moving forward and I would like to let you know that 4 other Openbravo Application areas are now available:
General Setup – Owner: Patricia.
Production Management – Owner: Renate.
MRP – Owner: Renate.
Warehouse Management – Owner: Dmitry

This is the first iteration of putting documentation content for these areas in place and there will be several stages to improve it, but from the documentation structure, documentation approach and main content point of view we consider it final.

Please review all what has been delivered so far and start sharing your feedback with us!
Your input is really valuable and will help all of us (documentation is a collaborative project because it is needed for all) to improve Openbravo documentation!!
Finally our goal is for documentation to answer any question you might have during Openbravo presale, implementation, usage phases. If someone cannot address some request with a help of documentation – get in touch with Documentation project team and let´s improve documentation together.

For your information our short term plan is to document the only one area which is pending – Financial Management.
This task is in progress, owner: Patricia and Dmitry.
It is planned to be documented and ready for review by February 15th, 2012

Thanks and regards,

Patricia and Dmitry.

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