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Openbravo 3 Brand New Features

Flexibility, adaptability, modularity and much more…Recent months have brought many new features to Openbravo 3 with improvements in Master Data, Sales and Finance Management as well as Usability and Platform areas. Here you have a summary:

Master Data Management

  • New capability to add attributes to the product to extend its definition and define different prices for each combination, such as size or color.

Manage Variants

Manage Product Variants

Organization Chart Tree

Characteristics Tree

  • New Product Catalogs module that extends the capability to categorize products in tree structures.

Product Catalog

Drag&Drop Product Catalog


Sales Management

Freight Management

Freight Management

Finance Management

Invoice Payment Report

Invoice Payment Report

 Usability and Platform

Learn how Openbravo 3, the smart enterprise solution can help your business.

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