New Split Lines Feature boosts POS efficiency

Usability is a priority with a POS system because it boosts efficiency and, in turn, enhances sales speed, which is a final objective for any retailer. Focusing on this idea, Openbravo has developed a new feature to maximize the efficiency of POS users. This Split Lines feature is now available from Openbravo RR16Q4 release, onwards.

The Split Lines feature allows POS users to divide a single line with several copies of the same product in as many lines as desired, distributing the product line quantity. This is applicable in many retail situations.

For example: Let’s say a customer is in a furniture store and wants to buy 12 chairs, and wants them to be delivered to a specific address. In the store, this delivery can be a related product service with certain cost per item. The customer wants to apply this delivery service to 9 of these 12 chairs because she can take and carry 3 of these chairs at that moment in her car.

This can be arranged using the new Split Lines feature: the salesman adds 12 chairs to the Openbravo POS, then splits the line in 2, so that there are 9 items in the first line and 3 in the second one. After that, the salesman selects the line with 9 chairs and attaches the delivery service. As simple as that! It is not required to change quantities, delete lines or add new lines, it is only required click Split Lines button and choose the division. The POS user is now able to easily attend to the customer demands.

To use Split Lines, the POS user has to select the product line that is going to be divided and click the Split button.

After that, the Split Line dialog will be shown. There, the POS user will choose how to divide the product line and will apply the chosen selection.



  • Original Quantity: Show original line quantity
  • Split Quantity: Quantity assigned to split lines
  • Difference: Difference between Original Quantity and Split Quantity
  • Number of Lines: Editable value to set a number of split lines

An initial proposal to split the line into two lines appears, and it is possible to change it by editing Number of Lines filed. It can be changed by keyboard or using the plus ( + )and the minus ( – ) buttons to increase or decrease lines respectively.

The “X” button allows user to remove a line. When a line is removed, Number of Lines is adjusted automatically.

Check out the available documentation to learn more about this functionality and subscribe to the blog to stay updated with new blog posts describing additional release features.

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