New Release: Openbravo Commerce Suite Q2-2016 enters CS status

The latest release of Openbravo Commerce Suite, corresponding to Q2-2016, is now available in CS (Confirmed Stable) status, making it suitable for deployment in production environments.

This release includes many new features including enhanced assisted sale at POS, improved support for daily store operations,  new options for greater operational and fraud control,  greater flexibility when managing tickets, and improvements in other functional areas.

The latest release of Openbravo Commerce Suite (3.0RR16Q2) includes all the functional improvements made in  the new Openbravo Business Suite release for Q2-2016 (3.0PR16Q2.1)

We plan to publish a series of blogposts explaning in more detail the new features in this release. You can also visit the Release Notes pages (Commerce Suite and Business Suite) for more detailed information about the scope of these releases.

If you are not familiar with the Openbravo Commerce Suite, sign up for FREE demo from one of our experts that will show key product capabilities and features.

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