New Features: Services management and improved Best Sellers functionalities for enhanced customer service

Customers today should be at the center of every retailing strategy, so retailers need to be able to offer them the best shopping experience across channels. For physical stores in particular, this means empowering associates with the best possible tools which allow them to provide superior customer service as well to increase loyalty and sales.

The new Services functionality has been especially designed to improve existing assisted sales capabilities from the Openbravo Commerce Suite, such as Complementary Products, Product Characteristics Search or Discount Information for Associates.

Retailers in multiple sub-sectors will find this new functionality of great interest as it allows them to offer sector-specific services. For example :

  • Furniture and Home Furnishing retailers can manage services such as transport;
  • Apparel retailers can manage services such as alterations;
  • Luxury retailers can manage services such as insurance;
  • Sporting Goods retailers can manage services such as maintenance in the case of pgroducts like bicycles, for example.

This new services management functionality allows retailers to:

  • Create a service as optional or mandatory;
  • Configure whether a service must always be sold associated to a product, or can be sold independently;
  • Configure quantity rules to define how the quantity of a service will be calculated;
    For example, a delivery service for a furniture retailer can be configured to include all products in a ticket, or it can be configured to have a single unit and only allow one service per ticket. Alternately, an alteration service for an apparel retailer can be associated to a specific trouser. You can set up as many services as required, each of them applicable to a different product;
  • Configure pricing rules to define how the price of a service will be calculated.
    For example, a fixed price or a variable price can be calculated as a percentage of the associated product.


Service configuration in the back office
Service configuration in the back office




Service proposal at the POS
Service proposal at the POS


Service added to an item




Best Sellers improvements

This new release of Openbravo Commerce Suite also improves the Best Sellers functionality, so it is now possible to identify best sellers more easily, extending the existing assisted sale capabilities  and helping more associates assist their customers.

Now, Best Sellers can be identified not only by selecting the Best Sellers category, but also thanks to a small icon that appears beside each product that has been marked as best seller in the back office, as the two examples in the following screenshot, with the “Evie Clutch” and “Large Titan Auto Open Umbrella” products.


Best Sellers icon
Best Sellers icon


These two new features are available from Release 3.0RR16Q2.

Check out the available documentation (“Services” and “Best Seller”) to learn more about these new Openbravo Commerce Suite capabilities and subscribe to our blog to stay updated with new blogposts describing additional release features.

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