New Features: Cash-up differences control and Close Store from POS


The Openbravo Commerce Suite provides a comprehensive set of practical features for retailers to better support their daily store operations, including a flexible, easy-to-use process for opening and closing stores and terminals.

At the beginning of the day, each Store Manager can easily open the store for the corresponding Business Date (the date used for registering all transactions at the POS) on all the terminals in each store. Within the store, Associates can open the till for each terminal and receive system assistance for the initial counting by means of denominations and control of existing differences compared with the last closing amount. In case of discrepancies, it is possible to configure the system to ask for a Manager’s approval.

To improve on the available functionality and add greater flexibility, the new release now allows the retailer to configure the degree of discrepancy  in the Counting Amount that will require the user to ask for a Manager’s approval.

This control will be applied during an Initial count (at the beginning of the day or at the beginning of a shift) or during a Cash-up (at the end of the day or at the end of a shift). In the following screenshots, a €3 discrepancy is configured; the actual discrepancy is €4.06 and is greater than this amount; so, the POS user is notified that they need a Manager’s approval before continuing.

Count Difference Limit configuration
Count Difference Limit configuration
Cash-up with a €4.06 difference
Cash-up with a €4.06 difference
Manager's approval required
Manager’s approval required


Close Store from POS

In addition, this new release also adds another new functionality that makes it possible to close the store from the POS user interface (rather than just the back office like before) after finishing a Cash-up, by setting a new preference in the back office.

These improvements are available from Release 3.0RR16Q2 onwards.

Check out the available documentation (“Limit for approvals in initial count and Cashup” and “Close Store”) to learn more about these new Openbravo Commerce Suite capabilities and subscribe to our blog to stay updated with new blogposts describing additional release features.


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