New Feature: Document Management Improvements and Alfresco Integration

Openbravo’s document management capabilities have long provided the ability to attach multiple documents to business transactions and entities very easily through the user interface.

This  powerful functionality is enhanced with other features such as email sending, which allows you to send, for example, a purchase order to one of your suppliers from the purchase order window by creating a PDF and automatically attaching it to the transaction. All documents managed in this way are stored in the same Openbravo server.

Now, Openbrave has made the attachment feature even more useful by making it possible to define different attachment methods that determine where documents will be stored –  in Alfresco, in Google Drive and so on.

In addition, you can now also configure a document’s metadata. Before this enhancement, the only information which appeared was the title and the description of the attachment.

Now, it is possible to define the metadata that will to be shown. This feature is configured in the back-end and the type of data has to match the data that is supported in Alfresco. For example, the “Document number” of an invoice can be set as metadata and it will be shown.

Attachments made easy with Openbravo
Attachments made easy with Openbravo

Alfresco integration

This new integration module is the first implementation of a new attachment method, which allows you to work with Alfresco, one of today’s leading ECM and BPM platforms, making it possible to store documents in Alfresco instead of Openbravo.

Thanks to its advanced document management capabilities, customers using Alfresco  gain access to superior functionality to work with documents, including easier and more advanced searching or versioning options, such as in the search criteria or the filtering functionality.

Store documents in Alfresco
Store documents in Alfresco
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