New Feature: Better auditability and fraud control for deleted tickets and lines

Auditability of  transactions and fraud control are key concerns for bricks-and-mortar retailers, so they must ensure their POS solutions provide adequate support in these sensitive areas.

The Openbravo Web POS provides security features that allow retailers to support their most complex requirements using a flexible role-based security model.

At the POS, this functionality allows retailers to configure which menu options each user can access. It also allows them to configure which specific actions require a manager’s approval. Typical actions that require approval include the application of a manual discount or deletion of a line or a ticket. These approvals are stored in the back office at the ticket level, thereby ensuring end-to-end traceability.

With this  in mind, the new release of Openbravo Commerce Suite includes improvements in deleted lines and tickets, making it possible to configure whether the deleted lines and tickets are also kept in the ticket for greater control by means of a new preference.

This control will be effective in all  situations where a ticket is deleted, such as during a regular sales operation, during a cash-up (when discarding existing draft tickets) or upon logging out with existing draft tickets.


delete line approval required
Approval required to delete a line




Deleted line in back office (Suede Iced Jr. product)
Deleted line in back office (Suede Iced Jr. product)


Ticket approval in back office (for a deleted line)
Ticket approval in back office (for a deleted line)

These improvements are available from Release 3.0RR16Q2 onwards.

Check out the available documentation (“Deleting a line/ticket¨) to learn more about this new Openbravo Commerce Suite capability and subscribe to our blog to stay updated with new blogposts describing additional release features.

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