New Feature: Select and edit multiple ticket lines in Web POS

Nowadays, user experience is one of the most important areas for any business application. So Openbravo puts great emphasis on improving the user experience to let users be more precise and efficient.

The Select and edit multiple ticket lines functionality has been developed with this purpose in mind. Now, it is possible to execute several common tasks much faster while dealing with receipts. This new feature is available from 3.0RR16Q2 release onwards.

This new capability allows users to select multiple lines in a Web POS ticket and edit all of them simultaneously, with typical actions such as delete a line, change the price of a product or change its quantity.

A “pin” button is now available in the EDIT tab, in the upper right corner of the ticket area. When clicked, this button toggles the selection mode between single line and multiple lines selection. When the multiple lines option is selected, each click in lines of the ticket keeps that line selected until it is clicked again.  This allows several lines to be selected at the same time. In addition, once the pin button has been clicked, a Select All button appears which lets the POS user select all lines of the current ticket with just a single click.

select and edit multiple tickets


Specifically, the following actions are now available for a POS user:

  • Select multiple lines: even before applying any action, it allows the POS user to get summarized information about the selected lines, such as their total amount or applied discount.
  • Edit multiple lines with just one click and apply the following actions:
    • Delete multiple lines
    • Return multiple lines
    • Change product units (by quantity or incrementing/decrementing units with “+” and “-” buttons) or change product unit price
    • Apply discount to multiple lines

Check out the documentation to learn more about this functionality and subscribe to the blog to stay updated with new blogposts describing additional release features.

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