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New Feature: Advanced grid columns sorting and filtering configuration

The Openbravo Grid is one of the most powerful Openbravo user interface components, providing spreadsheet familiarity to help end-users boost efficiency and productivity.

This new platform capability has been specially designed to improve grid performance in high-volume environments, where sorting or filtering grid columns could result in a poor end-user experience. So from now on, it will be possible to configure which columns in the Data Dictionary can be sorted and/or filtered.

In addition, it will also be possible to configure multiple grid configurations that allow users to define the behavior of a concrete field, thus allowing them to overwrite the default behavior of its underlying column.

Two new Boolean fields are now available at column level in the Data Dictionary, “Allow Filtering” and “Allow Sorting”. When checked, all fields based on that column will be filterable and/or sortable by default.

Two new Boolean fields
Two new Boolean fields

To provide greater flexibility, it is now also possible to create multiple grid configurations, which will be applied according to the assigned sequence number.

Sequence number
Sequence number

Let’s use an easy example to explain this new capability:

• A column is set to non-filterable by unchecking the “Allow Filtering” checkbox, so all fields based on that column will be non-filterable by default.
• For a selected field based on the previous column, and through a special grid configuration, it is possible to make it filterable, even when its underlying column has been configured as non-filterable. The rest of the fields based on that column will continue being non-filterable.

Check out the available documentation (“Allow Filtering and Sorting” and “Grid Configuration”) to learn more about this new platform capability and subscribe to the blog to stay updated with new blog posts describing additional release features.

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