Module Packager

Module Packager is the name of a new extension module available for Openbravo 3 and 2.50 versions. It is released under the Openbravo Public License and it can be installed through the Module Management window of your Openbravo instance.

This module is mainly intended for developers who want to reduce the time it costs to package a module, and for the users who are not comfortable running commands into the shell terminal.

When installing this module, it adds a button inside the Module window that allows the developer to run all the common tasks that are needed for packaging a module in just one click. The button is available for modules set as in development.

The Module Packager currently supports:
– Exporting the datasets configured for the module (if any).
– Exporting the database.
– Exporting the translation XML files, saving them into the appropriate folder (only in case of translation modules). To perform this task it delegates to the Translations Management Extension developed by Marcos Bernal.
– Packaging the module into an obx file ready to be published into the Central Repository

The developer can manually selects the tasks he wants to be run each time, thus simplifying and speeding up the process of packaging a module.

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