Learn Why Business Applications Also Go Cloud

Without any doubt, one of the most important findings of the 20th century has been The Internet. It changed the way people accessed information and communicated with the rest of the world. Nowadays, people, consciously or not, use cloud applications every day for many different purposes: communicating through email or instant messages, sharing documents, watching videos or listening to music in streaming, accessing social networks,… Business applications are also following this trend as it has clear benefits for companies and users.

Since the beginning, Openbravo’s vision has been to build native web based business applications. Openbravo solutions use state-of-the-art technology that enables you to have 100% of its functional footprint fully accessible through a web browser. This capability has clear benefits for companies as it provides total flexibility for end users allowing them to access their business processes data from any device and any location. It also reduces IT costs, as it simplifies the solution deployment process as well as its maintenance. No specific software needs to be installed in users’ computers and server updates are immediately available to all users.

Cloud based solutions are in addition much more secure than traditional client server applications. With Openbravo, access to data is done through a highly secure Internet protocol that encrypts the data that navigates through the net and furthermore the solution can be hosted in cutting-edge data centers that have capabilities such as 24×7 availability, redundant hardware and data communications, full server backups and advanced disaster recovery strategies. Very few companies can guarantee this level of security in their in house servers.

If you still have a legacy business application and want to move to a modern native web based and cloud ready solution, contact us here and ask for a demo. We will be pleased to put you in touch with one of our local partners.

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