Enable/Disable options in Openbravo using Preferences

In Openbravo ERP, preferences are a cool and effective way to manage restrictions and apply certain additional actions at various levels like Client, Organization, Role and even at the window level. For more information on using preferences, refer

One such preference was enabling/disabling toolbar options like  Delete, Attach, Export. From Openbravo 3.0 MP17 you can enable or disable these options for a particular window or a particular user and even for a particular role. Lets see few scenarios where this could come handy.

Note that all these options are enabled by default and using preferences you will only be able to disable them.

Usecase 1 : Restrict Deletion of Records
John is a new intern and maintaining User Information. Though he should be allowed access to ‘user’ information window, he should not be allowed to delete Users. This can be done by creating a preference as in the screenshot. Once this setting is saved, John will not be able to delete records from the User Window.

Usecase 2 :  Restrict export data
John (again) has also access to the General ledger window. But since this is a critical data, you do not want him to be able to Export this information. Usually the export is done through the Export as Spreadsheet option provided at each window. To disable this you need to create a preference like the below screenshot.

Usecase 3: Restrict attachments option
David handles the goods receipt section. As soon as he receives a shipment, he uploads the scanned copy of the receipt to the Goods Receipt record. But you want all users with the role ‘Sales’ to be able to view the Goods Receipt window, but not be able to view the attachments. You can achieve this by creating a preference as follows

Hope these cases give a clear picture of the advantages of using these preferences.

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