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Discover the power of Openbravo Analytics!

As you know Openbravo Analytics is one of the new components included in our Product Roadmap. It dramatically changes Openbravo users´ experience while working with their data and provides a powerful tool for getting actionable insights into business performance with a solution that is:

  • Embedded
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to deploy
Openbravo Analytics
Openbravo Analytics

For those more familiar with business intelligence technical characteristics, Openbravo Analytics allows to create OLAP cubes to analyze your company’s data. It combines the power of  high performing open source business intelligence components from Pentaho and Saiku allied with the Openbravo highly productive user interface to provide a fully integrated analytics solution.

Create analytical cubes from operational tables and new reports adapted to your business needs easily. Manage facts and dimensions with a simple drag&drop and give your report the desired look&feel by applying one of the available output formats.

As a first appetizer we invite you to start discovering the power of Openbravo Analytics through a new short video we have prepared. More detailed information is available in our wiki describing the Openbravo Analytics main features and a couple of applications with the Dimensional Profit and Loss report and the Dimensional Trial Balance report . Additional materials will come soon. Stay tuned!

Want to comment or know more? Please share your feedback in all our social channels (in twitter hashtag #openbravoanalytics) or contact us directly!

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