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Continued growth of Openbravo Exchange

We are pleased to announce that our friends from Datafashion  have just published a new developer-oriented module called the Interceptor Filter.  This module, which appears in Openbravo Exchange’s growing Tools section, provides an easy way to intercept a user command, and attach custom logic to it without changing the core source code.

In related Openbravo Exchange news, the philosophy at Openbravo is to grow the Exchange organically and at high quality from the very beginning.  We want Openbravo Exchange to be a place that people can go to with confidence to find high quality, valuable extensions modules that they can easily install and combine to meet their unique needs.  To ensure that all Exchange modules install and uninstall correctly as we deliver monthly maintenance packs, we are testing all of them on a continuous integration basis per this defined process, which uses the Selenium toolset described in this recent recorded webinar.

So, if you don’t find what you are looking for in Openbravo ERP, please remember to check out Openbravo Exchange.  New native Openbravo modules are being added all the time, and we are working hard to apply the latest technology and best-in-class processes to help assure high quality.

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