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We want you to succeed in implementing or developing on top of Openbravo products, and although we strive to make things as easy as possible, we know that in reality this can be a complex process. That’s why we provide you access to the best team in order to help you through any challenges that may arise.

Openbravo Second Level Support is a professional troubleshooting service designed to minimize time spent on blocking issues, and help you keep your clients happy. Delivered by a team of specialists with direct access to developers, specialist consultants and an in-depth knowledge of all Openbravo products, assistance is available both for Openbravo ERP and Openbravo POS. Depending on your needs, support can be purchased case by case, on credit hours or on an annual subscription basis.

Through our web based Support Portal you will be provided with real-time information: you will be able to submit your issue via this portal and follow its progress until it is resolved. Telephone assistance is also possible with our unlimited annual subscription.

Our Support service has drawn praise from Openbravo partners because they can avoid headaches and be more efficient by having the experts working directly for them, transforming issues directly into solutions:

We needed quick answers to installation and customizing challenges so the project could progress on time. Openbravo’s Second Level Support was constantly responding to our specific questions with detailed diagnostic steps. The overall process was very efficient, and we can now resolve many of these issues ourselves.
Angel Barbero, Gepelia CEO
(Openbravo partner)

We encourage you to review our Second Level Support options currently available.

Eugeni Vives
Global Partner Services

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Openbravo ERP is a sophisticated application. Companies that go live with Openbravo ERP can revolutionize the way they run their businesses. However, learning how to implement and use Openbravo ERP takes time and can initially seem like a daunting task…

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