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Business Partner Blocking

A Business partner in Openbravo is any third party like customers, suppliers, creditors etc. Even employees can be business partners. These business partners are segregated through Business Partner Categories. For more information on Business Partners refer here.

More often, companies are caught up in situations where they are not able to restrict a particular customer in case the payments are long due, or stop payments to a supplier. The problem with these cases is that deciding to block a particular business partner is a management decision and most of the time it varies on a case to case basis. Though there are already notifications like credit limit provided across all financial transactions, in most cases they are not enough to restrict transaction. This is where Business Partner blocking comes handy.

Business Partner locking is a feature where the client can block a business partner thereby revoking the privileges to fulfil a set of documents related to financial transactions. The following documents can be controlled while blocking a business partner

  • Orders (Purchase Order, Sales Order)
  • Goods Shipment / Receipt
  • Invoice (Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice)
  • Payment Details (Payment In / Payment Out)

Note that Blocking a Business Partner for a document means that it will not be possible to complete this Document, but it will be possible to create a draft. For example, if a Customer is Blocked for Sales Orders, it will be possible to create a new Sales Order for this Business Partner in Draft Status, but it will never be possible to complete it while this Business Partner is blocked.

Customer Blocking
To block a customer, navigate to the customer tab under Business Partner and check the ‘On Hold’ check box. After it is checked it will provide the configuration options mentioned above. These are the default values for the configuration options. This can also be changed to suit the business needs.

  • Sales Order: Blocked
  • Goods Shipment: Blocked
  • Sales invoice: Blocked
  • Payment In: Not blocked

Note that the document is blocked, if the check box next to each item is checked.

Customer Blocking

Customer Blocking

Vendor Blocking
Similar to the Customer, to block a Vendor / Supplier, navigate to the Vendor tab under Business Partner and check the ‘On Hold’ checkbox. These are default values for the configurations for the Vendor. This can also be changed to suit the business needs.

  • Purchase Order: Blocked
  • Goods Receipt: Not blocked
  • Purchase Invoice: Blocked
  • Payment Out: Blocked
Vendor / Supplier blocking

Vendor / Supplier blocking

This way the client need not rely upon manual discretion when handling a huge volume of Business Partners which is usually the case. The Business Partner can be unblocked at any point in time, thus providing greater flexibility.

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