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Announcing Openbravo 3.0 RC6

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Openbravo 3.0 RC6, the fifth release candidate in the Openbravo 3 series.

Openbravo 3.0 RC6 is primarily a stabilization release, including over 130 fixes for issues reported by early adopters of previous release candidates.

Besides stabilization, Openbravo 3.0 RC6 also delivers some further productivity improvements that make the usage of the ERP easier and more agile:
  • Redesigned Alert window: alerts are exceptions in your business processes (for examples, overdue invoices or late orders) that your Openbravo system automatically detects and prompts you to manage. With the new alert window, investigating the cause of the anomaly, correcting it or dismissing it is a breeze.
  • Notes: notes is a new facility available on every document in the system that allows you to add textual annotations to your transactions. You can use this functionality to store unstructured information in your ERP. For instance, for example you can add a note to an overdue invoice to document the content of the conversation with your customers in which they promised to send a payment by next week; you can also use it to store a reminder that when you send a delivery truck to a particular customer, they need to call ahead of time so that the delivery gate can be open when the truck arrives.

Openbravo 3.0 RC6 is intended for production usage by early adopters and it is a fully supported release available in all editions, Community, Basic and Professional Edition.

If you are a new user interested in learning about Openbravo and evaluating the product, you should use Openbravo 3.0 RC6. If you are an existing community member interested in staying up to speed with the latest evolutions of Openbravo, you should download and install Openbravo 3.0 RC6.

If you are interested in deploying Openbravo for production usage in a new project, you should also consider Openbravo 3.0 RC6. Early adopters interested in deploying Openbravo 3.0 RC5 in production are recommended to thoroughly test the processes relevant to their business before deploying them in production.

If you are already in production on an earlier version of Openbravo 3, we advise you to update your system to RC6 at your earliest convenience. If you are in production on Openbravo 2.50 or earlier, we advise you to wait for general availability before scheduling an upgrade.

If you want to learn more about Openbravo 3.0 RC6, please review the release notes for a full description of the release, download instructions or Amazon EC2 AMI codes. If you are pressed for time and have only a few minutes to learn about the product, you can take it for a spin in our demo environment.

As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think, by posting a comment on this post, raising an issue in issues.openbravo.comor discussing it in the Early Releases Discussion forum.

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