An Update on Openbravo Mobile

After announcing our plans for a mobile solution of Openbravo 3 last year, we decided to first launch the Openbravo for Retail solution with Web POS as the primary mobile interface. Having delivered, we now continue working on the core mobile Openbravo experience. Based on earlier interaction design, we hereby present the first working prototype of Openbravo Mobile. It features a lightweight HTML5 GUI that uses Enyo, the state-of-the-art open source development framework. This is an important step towards delivering our mobile vision where all standard windows in Openbravo 3 can be accessed through mobile devices. This includes modification, process execution, reporting, notes and attachments.

The featured video demonstrates the power of Openbravo for Mobile through a simple but common scenario where a travelling manager needs to approve an expense report for an employee. The manager receives an email notification on his mobile phone that takes him to the web-based Openbravo Mobile. With a few taps he views and approves the expense report and the payment is executed.

The video also shows the tremendous speed with which lines can be entered in an Openbravo 3 grid using keyboard shortcuts. Creating the expense report takes only one minute. On the mobile device, using Google account association, logging in and approving the expenses takes even less time.

Openbravo Mobile works seamlessly together with the standard Openbravo 3 browser experience against the same centralized database–further enhancing productivity and accessibility, making your business truly agile.

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