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An emotional review of Openbravo 3 history

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where, cleaning up a closet, you finding a box of old photos that you forgot even existed?

I must confess. I am a nostalgic and that is one of those situations where I am prone to overwhelming emotions. The memories start coming back and I start thinking of old friends, choices made and times gone by.

A couple of days ago, I had such an experience. I was answering a question on layout choices in the interface of Openbravo 3 and I started going back and look at the discussions in the UX forum labs.
Eventually, I found the original concept videos and image mockups that Rob Goris published in February 2009.
That’s right February 2009, over 2 years ago!
The publication of Openbravo 3 in February this year represents a very significant step forward in the history of the project. The key element of the release is a complete rearchitecture of the user experience, centered around the concepts of user agility and the introduction of workspaces, multi-tabbed UIs, master detail layouts and editable grid.
The feedback that we are receiving from our users in overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.
This new release has been a long way coming and, now that it is finally here, it is at the same time interesting, fun and moving to go back and see how the concepts behind it started, were debated and evolved, improving over time since their original form, yet staying remarkably close to the original vision.
I have to take my hat off for all the members of the Openbravo development team and our community members who participated in the design process. Good job guys. Well done.

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