Amazing uses of Openbravo POS

The community around Openbravo POS is very active and with clever members that take advantage of the product to create great things. One of the best examples of I found recently through a post in the Spanish forums [1] is the use of an iPad with Openbravo POS.

This solution has been implemented by a Trattoria in Peru called Don Angelo [2]. The iPad is offered to the customers of the restaurant instead of the menu, and they use the iPad to view the menu, and make orders. This way orders are faster and with less mistakes. Customers find it very easy and everybody is very happy with this innovation.

This solution has also attracted the attention of the media [3] and they have also a very nice promotional video where you can see Openbravo POS in action [4].

The technical details are very simple: Openbravo POS runs inside a virtual machine in a host computer, and the iPad has installed the application WYSE pocketcloud [5] for iPad that cost only $14.99 and that allows to access to the virtual machine where Openbravo POS runs.

My congratulations to the developers of this innovative solution.

[1] (in Spanish)
[2] (in Spanish)
[3] (in Spanish)
[4] (in Spanish)

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