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3 easy steps to start experiencing Openbravo Analytics now!

As I already announced in my previous blogpost Openbravo Analytics is our new analytics solution. Embedded, Easy to Use and Easy to Deploy it dramatically changes Openbravo users’ experience, both with our Commerce Platform and ERP Platform. You can see it in action in this short video.

But now it is much easier for you to start experiencing it. Openbravo Analytics is now available in our online demo environment through 3 simple steps:

Openbravo Analytics. Menu entry
Openbravo Analytics. Menu entry
  • Select a cube and go! Add/delete new facts, dimensions, filters….  Or simply switch from table view to graphical view to feel its power.
Openbravo Analytics. Select a cube
Openbravo Analytics. Select a cube


Openbravo Analytics. Add dimensions and facts
Openbravo Analytics. Add dimensions and facts


Openbravo Analytics. Switch to graphical view
Openbravo Analytics. Switch to graphical view


Cool right? Don’t wait more!  Visit our online demo and share your feedback with us in our social channels.

If you need help to solve your questions you can also contact us.


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1 Comment

  1. John Fandl
    May 21, 2014 at 4:19 AM

    This is great. A few small points that would help more people really understand the power of this great system more quickly:

    1. If you log on with English, the cubes should be in English.
    2. You should have some saved views available to pick–focus on using the cubes (not building them)
    3. Extending on 2, make a few widgets on the Workspace (especially graphical ones), so people can see how easy it is gain high level insight, and then maximize the widget and drill for more detail.

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