Marco de Vries PresentingEvery company, whether it has 2 employees or 2,000, has to arrange general meetings as a regular part of getting things done.  But when the volume of this is large enough to have offices in different countries,  a good dynamic within the company is essential, as well as  a Company Meeting at least once a year to share the status of the company, analyze the numbers, see the new faces, inform the company about employees who have left and discuss any extra topics of importance.

Last Wednesday  the Openbravo Company Meeting took place at our offices in Pamplona, Spain, where different topics were discussed, such as:


  1. Business Update
  2. Staff satisfaction survey
  3. Marketing: social media plan

Year after year, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a good time zone for all of our employees, so this year’s meeting took place at 13:00 at our offices in Pamplona and Barcelona (Spain), 6:00 a.m. in the Mexico DF office, 17:30 in the Kolkata office (India) and 20:00 in Shanghai (where some of our employees were at that time).

The meeting was led by our CEO, Marco de Vries, who was responsible for communicating all the news and results regarding the future of the company. Then, our head of Human Resources, Marta Moncosí, was responsible for publishing the results of the latest Staff Satisfaction Survey (with very positive results, it must be said). Finally, it was my turn, I had the opportunity to communicate the new Social Media Plan, to try to motivate  employees and  actively involve them in the social outlook of the company.

The truth is that the employees gave good feedback about the meeting, allowing some of them (like me) to get to know  the rest of the team, so we can create a better business climate, something I hope will be repeated in future meetings.

Company meeting attendeescompany meeting socail







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Equipmag2014-booth-3The Chinese retail market is very dynamic: with a 13% growth rate in traditional offline and 40% in online e-commerce, there are many opportunities. Still dominated by local brands, the market continues to attract new international brands every year.

Visitors at Equipmag Shanghai, an annual trade show that caters to retailers in mainland China, were a good sample of this dynamic landscape. Mid-size successful retailers are looking for solutions to support their growth. Some are looking for ways to better manage omni-channel distribution. As for new players in the market, they are looking for solutions which are well fitted to the Chinese market, flexible enough to allow for extensions, and compatible with international standards.


The crowd at Equipmag came from a very large range of industries: cosmetics, furniture, fashion, luxury goods, electronics, sporting goods, food & beverage, toys, gardening equipments, etc. There was also interest from a shopping center, looking for solution to drive more traffic, better manage their relationship with brands, offer added value services and increase customer loyalty towards the shopping center.

The Openbravo China booth, hosted in partnership with Bluecom, attracted a lot of interest for its Commerce Platform solution. Indeed, the mobility of the solution, demonstrated on tablets and mobile phones, sparked visitors’ interest. In a very competitive environment, every advantage a retailer can leverage is highly valuable. Openbravo’s inherent flexibility has already proved how critical it is to the success of retailers.

The recent partnership between System-in-Motion, Openbravo Master Distributor on greater China, and Alibaba, who controls more than 75% of mobile payments in China, is an example of how Openbravo can adapt to fast changes in the industry. This partnership aims at the integration of Alibaba mobile payment solution, alipay mobile, with Openbravo Web POS. Retailers see this as an opportunity to attract more customers, by offering new and modern payment means.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALas diferentes reformas fiscales que han tenido lugar en México durante el 2014 han llevado a las empresas hacia una nueva forma de llevar su contabilidad e interactuar con la autoridad fiscal.

La reciente regulación, la contabilidad electrónica, establece que a partir del 1 de julio de 2014 están obligados a llevar contabilidad electrónica y enviar esta información al SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria) las personas morales, incluidas las personas morales con fines no lucrativos y las personas físicas con actividad empresarial.

Por ello, las empresas deben llevar la contabilidad en medios electrónicos e ingresar mensualmente su información contable en la página web del SAT, mediante el buzón tributario. Así a partir de enero de 2015, los tres elementos que deben enviarse en formato XML son: el catálogo de cuentas, la balanza de comprobación y las pólizas contables.

Esta regulación, junto con la obligación de la emisión de facturas electrónicas y otros cambios, conlleva que las empresas reconsideren seriamente sus actuales sistemas de gestión y se planteen dotarse de soluciones empresariales que cumplan con las normativas vigentes pero que a su vez sean lo suficientemente ágiles y flexibles para adaptarse con rapidez a nuevas normativas futuras.

Si usted se pregunta: “Y ahora, ¿cómo lo hago?”

Desde Openbravo, con la contribución especial de nuestro Partner localizador Tegik y la colaboración del resto de nuestros Partners en México, queremos compartir con usted toda la información sobre la adecuación de nuestras soluciones a esta nueva realidad mediante una demostración de perfil práctico que responda a todas sus preguntas en esta materia.

Entraremos en el detalle de los procesos que hacen posible esta adecuación y daremos respuesta práctica a sus cuestiones. Ahora es el momento de actuar!

Reserve su sitio en nuestro webinar gratuito del día 29 de Octubre a las 10am hora local.


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As many of you may know, we recently launched our bright new website. We wanted to provide users with a better experience by facilitating access to resources and descriptions of our products. But undoubtedly, what  gives this new website a higher level of quality is the possibility to access a demo of our products (Openbravo ERP Platform and Openbravo Commerce Plataform) in a self-controlled way. To further facilitate the Openbravo products learning, we divided the demo into two different parts; Product Tour and Online Trial.

The idea of the Product Tour is to guide the user through an interactive tour to get a first impression of the product. This is intended for people who have not yet experimented with our products, as they go through this tour first they will be able to:

  • Have a first hand experience of the product
  • Explore some of the main product features

Our Product Tour consists of 3 different circuits, one for the Openbravo ERP Platform, and two for the Openbravo Commerce Platform.

Product Tour ERP

  • Openbravo ERP Platform exploration: For about 10 minutes, the tour will guide the user through a simulated end-to-end functional process in a food and beverages enterprise, where they will learn how to:
    • Prepare a sales quotation for a prospective customer
    • Confirm the Sales Order
    • Prepare the picking
    • Generate the Sales Invoice
    • Check the accounting entry

All of this, putting ourselves in the shoes of two different employees of the company:

  • Sales representative
  • Finance Manager

At the end of the process, the user is given the opportunity to strengthen these concepts with the help of one of our experts with an assisted product demonstration.

  • Openbravo Commerce Platform: The tour here is divided into two distinct parts; Web POS and Back Office.
    • Web POS: In about 5 minutes, the user will perform a sales process in a sports store with a tablet. He will role play a Sales Assistant making an assisted sale to a customer from the product selection right through to the payment.
    • Back Office: Now we will be in the shoes of the Merchandise Manager at the headquarters. With an 5 additional minutes, the user can learn how to perform different back office processes such as:
      • Ship one pending order
      • Generate picking list
      • Create the Goods Shipment document
      • Create a new purchase order
      • Send the purchase order to the supplier

Once the users have completed the Product Tour, they are encouraged to access to an online trial, a self-service environment equipped with sample data to go into detail on the product exploration. We will go into this topic further in future blog posts. It is also possible to request an assisted demonstration with the personal guidance of someone from our team at the end of both tours.

Product tour WebPOS

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Assembling cube structure templateFor quite some time now we are have been seeing more and more businesses, even some very large publicly listed corporations, embarking on the Do-It-Yourself trend and building their own ERP, or at least significant parts of an ERP to more effectively manage complex business processes than what they can achieve with legacy solutions.

An interesting post from several months ago is actually a nice illustration. The moment high profile entrepreneurs and business visionaries like Elon Musk decide, with his CIO, to do just that for Tesla we start to see a pretty compelling illustration of the things that can be achieved without having to take on technical debt at a high cost and without a long go to market which often is the case if a business selects one of those legacy solutions.


In a few words, there is growing interest to move away from the long time standard choice of legacy ERP and become more nimble, flexible, open, and very importantly, faster. Much faster. In today’s markets change is the only constant. Being able to anticipate, or at least react quickly to business changes that affect your business profitability and growth potential allows executives to manage more effectively for greater competitiveness.

Yet beware. A good DIY-er does not make his or her own tools but uses proven ones and if you are smart you also take expert advice and maybe even some hands-on help to avoid delays, higher costs and maybe even complete failure. Here at Openbravo we offer our flexible ERP platform to enable our clients to power their ideas and develop smart enterprise solutions, whatever business they are in.

The ERP Platform provides a proven basis for customizations, extensions and integrations with third party systems. Even a growing number of Fortune 500 companies use Openbravo to manage certain SBUs or particularly complex parts of their businesses. In these cases the ERP functionality embedded on the Openbravo platform provided a solid starting point on which our clients built, together with us and our official Partners, the customizations that allow them to more effectively manage their business.

So, if you are an “ERP-DIY-er” with the intentions to build your own business management application check out our ERP platform offering or contact one of our official Partners.

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Last two weeks were very exciting. Following hard work during the last few months, we finally went live on Monday 15th with our revamped Openbravo website and new offering. Thanks to the team for their involvement and great job!

A totally new website, with a fresh and modern design, mobile ready, with improved navigation, more informative and better adapted to the different Openbravo ecosystem players that visit us.  A better tool to connect with all of you and to communicate better who we are and what we offer. Thanks to everyone for being there!

On the other hand, the new website has been also the way to communicate our new offering. A new offering based on our current Openbravo Commerce Platform and Openbravo ERP Platform but with new packaging and exciting new benefits that provide more value to customers and facilitates the choice between the existing editions. Since once of our main value proposition pillars is flexibility, it makes sense that the offering should be too. So we are introducing new pricing tools that  provide higher pricing flexibility to our customers to adapt to their needs while adding new capabilities that increase the value of our solution. Let me go through the main elements.

The new offering continues to be built around 3 editions that evolve from our old editions:

  • Openbravo Enterprise Edition
  • Openbravo Professional Edition
  • Openbravo Community Edition


3 Editions comparison

3 Editions comparison


The Enterprise Edition is intended for demanding customers who have enterprise class needs and provides them with a way to acquire an Openbravo solution bundled together with higher value services. Its base subscription fee includes up to 20 concurrent full users and 20 terminals for the Commerce Platform and 20 concurrent full users for the ERP Platform that customers can increase by adding additional users and terminals packs. Enterprise Edition now comes with additional exclusive new options and services included in the subscription fee:

  • Training. A free seat to our online functional courses is now included for each user and year
  • Portal users. A Portal User is a new limited user type entitled to use a limited standard Openbravo functionality through the portal, a simplified user interface based in a special workspace. This new user type cost-effectively accommodates usage scenarios wherein a significant portion of the end user community will only use Openbravo for very limited functionality or with a very limited interaction with the existing business processes. Typically, for example, in the case of giving access to external users (suppliers…).
  • Application Monitoring Tool.  This is a new commercial module based on a third party solution by AppDynamics that dramatically simplifies and improves the way the Openbravo solution can be monitored. It provides detailed visibility into the application behavior with extensive and detailed information about the different Openbravo application elements, thus allowing  faster reaction time in the face of any application event and therefore helping to improve both preventive and corrective maintenance activities. A subscription for one server is included for the Enterprise Edition that can be extended for additional servers while Professional Edition customers can subscribe to it optionally. This new tool has been possible thanks to a new strategic partnership with AppDynamics, a leader in the Application Performance Monitoring market as it demonstrates, for example, its classification in 2013 as a Leader in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring. So we are very happy to join forces with one of the best solutions on the market.


Application Monitoring Tool

Application Monitoring Tool


These new Enterprise benefits add to the already exclusive Enterprise benefits such as 24×7 Premium Support, unlimited web services calls for intensive integration scenarios, unlimited users and terminals with a fully tailored pricing that helps to simplify the whole budgeting process or Casual Users.

The Professional Edition is a very compellingly priced entry level edition that customers can grow by adding options. A great way to start benefitting from the Openbravo Solutions especially for those clients requiring a low number of users and terminals and with standard support needs. Base subscription fee includes up to 5 concurrent full users and 5 terminals for the Commerce Platform and 5 concurrent full users for the ERP Platform that customers can increase by adding additional users and terminals packs.

Another important new benefit this time for both editions, Enterprise and Professional, is the inclusion of Openbravo Analytics at no additional charge. Openbravo Analytics is our powerful embedded analytics engine that provides tools for developers, functional leaders and end users for creating and consuming advanced multi-dimensional reports that provide actionable insights into business performance. Its inclusion helps to dramatically improve our business intelligence capabilities with a solution which is very easy to use and deploy. Openbravo Analytics comes with multi-dimensional financial reports for all businesses, and for retailers it includes a complete set of reports such as Store Performance, Best Selling Products, Returns, Cashup Summary or Discounts amongst others.


Openbravo Analytics

Openbravo Analytics


Our On Demand offering has also been  revised to ensure a perfect fit with these new editions, and it is now offered as a deployment option for both Enterprise and Professional, instead of having a totally independent pricing. Customers will sign for a yearly subscription but with monthly billing, based on the number of named users and terminals.

Higher pricing flexibility for customers that see the benefits of long-term agreements is provided from now on with multi-year subscriptions that  allow customers to subscribe to an Openbravo solution for a number of years instead of the regular one-year subscription.  Rather than having to renew their contracts every year, with multi-year subscriptions customers have the assurance of continuous service coverage and benefit from important pricing conditions. This will of course also reduce the administrative burden for customers and partners. Instead of having to renew every year, it offers an opportunity to discuss other matters important to a customer’s evolving business.


Enterprise and Professional comparison

Enterprise and Professional comparison


The new offering also comes with a review of our pricing in some markets such as India, China or Africa amongst others, with which we want to be more sensitive to the reality in these territories and better adapt to our market presence.

Apart of these two editions, we keep our commitment to our Community and will continue to offer the Community Edition, totally for free with basic core Openbravo ERP Platform functionality. A new Community section in our website now provides an easier access to all our Community tools.

For celebrating this new offering we have launched a special offer for new customers. Don’t miss this opportunity and act now on this time-limited offer!


New website New Offering

For additional information, visit our Editions & Pricing website section, for our Commerce Platform and ERP Platform solutions and follow the conversation in our Social Media channels!

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IMG_5898Last week I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Equipmag Paris with the Openbravo commercial team and Phidias, our Gold Partner in France, presenting our Commerce Platform now with embedded retail analytics.

It was really great and very encouraging to experience first-hand the tremendous interest of so many people at one of the largest retail trade shows in Europe. Most of the interest came of course from (French) retailers of various sizes and types, yet I must say that there was a very interesting crowd and we really enjoyed being there.

For me personally it was also an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with our colleagues at Phidias, as well as to meet up with some of our other official Partners in France. At Openbravo we find it of paramount importance to be close to our implementation Partners. We continuously seek their feedback. We like being challenged, and like to challenge our Partners as well of course. And by working together closely in a very transparent way we build strong and lasting relationships with our Partners. Ultimately our clients that adopt the Openbravo solutions truly benefit from this way of working, which is a compelling reason to continue on this path and invest even more in strengthening our ties with our Partners.

If Equipmag can be seen as a good barometer of the health and growth potential of the business of Openbravo, then we definitely are in good shape. Besides spending time with a very promising range of potential clients on which, regretfully, I can not elaborate in this blog, we also spent time with some of our reference clients in the French retail space. We met with the people from BUT, the leading chain of home furnishings that has been an Openbravo client for several years now, and we had the opportunity to organize a workshop with the participation of our client La Compagnie du Lit, a reference retailer active in beds and related accessories. It was really nice to meet once more with our friends at these two leading retailers in France.

We will certainly be back at the next edition as the experience was great. The good news is that you don’t have to wait that long if you want to visit the Openbravo booth. This year Equipmag is internationalizing and the next edition will be held in Shanghai from October 15-17 of this year. So in only a few weeks time the Openbravo team will be there presenting the Openbravo Commerce Platform, represented thanks to System in Motion, our strategic partner in China. See you there!

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After a refreshing summer, a furniture&decoration retailer starts their operations but now using the Openbravo Commerce Platform.

  • Discover why Marta, a customer, receives a unique shopping experience through different channels
  • Discover how Pol, a sales associate, gets better tools to serve his customer and reach his goals
  • Discover how David, the stock manager, ensures optimized support and improves the exhibition of ítems in-store
  • Discover why Cristina, at the headquarters, has full visibility on her sales channels and anticipates demand fluctuations
  • Discover why Paula, the store manager, has the store under control while being efficient and agile in day-to-day tasks

Discover it now. Watch the video!

To watch the video in Spanish, click here

If you want to learn more about how the Openbravo Commerce Platform can help your business, please visit our website or contact us.


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We are happy to announce that the new Commerce and ERP Platform Releases, 3.0RR14Q3 and 3.0PR14Q3, are already available in QAA (QA Approved) status. Detailed release information can be found in our wiki:  3.0RR14Q3 (Commerce) and 3.0PR14Q3 (ERP).


These two releases come with a new set of capabilities that enhance the previous releases. Highlights:

Commerce Platform (3.0RR14Q3)

Security and Audit

POS Terminal Authentication

POS Terminal Authentication

POS HW and Peripherals


ERP Platform (3.0PR14Q3)

  • And we have continued our effort in the area of system performance with different improvements that will help to provide higher performance and system responsiveness

If you want to learn more about our solutions visit our Commerce Platform and ERP Platform web sections. If you are interested about what is coming check our Roadmap.

During the next few days we have planned for additional materials that will help to better understand the benefits of all these new capabilities. Stay tuned!

We encourage you to start reviewing all these new features and use our social channels to share  your thoughts with us on what we are doing and how you think we can make Openbravo solutions even better!

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openbravo commerce platform trainingsThe Openbravo Commerce Platform has been receiving lots of attention from our development and marketing team and the training team has been working hard to keep up as well.

As the new value proposition and many new features roll in it is extremely important that our partners are familiar with those and that the developers are ready to implement and customize this powerful solution. Completing the two new Commerce Functional and Technical courses will allow the partner’s team to successfully estimate and deliver complex retail projects.

Functional Training Update

The functional training has been around for a while, covering the retail specific functionality included in the Openbravo Commerce Platform distribution. This course is targeted at existing Openbravo Certified Solution Consultants already familiar with the core business processes of the Openbravo ERP Platform.

The Openbravo Commerce Platform has  received this year many updates to the platform as well as the functionality. However, we would like to highlight a few of them which are now also included in the functional training update:

  1. Broader daily store operations support with a new functionality to open/close stores, and manage terminals that extend our current cash-up functionality (Session management module)

  2. Enhanced security and operational control through a new set of approvals for different actions that help increase the quality of operations and minimize fraudulent activities

  3. Higher merchandise agility with advanced discounts like combos or best deal cases and discounts at a ticket level that extend our powerful promotions engine

  4. Higher solution performance with enhanced offline support that improves usability in poor connectivity scenarios with offline support to cash-up, cash-management and supervisor approvals

  5. Faster implementation and higher business agility with new tools for easy creation of new terminals and stores and a POS training tool that makes it easier to deploy the system to end users

As the content of this course has expanded we also felt it deserved a new format with more interaction and more support to the student:

  • more exercises

  • checkpoints graded by an Openbravo instructor to let the students know how they are doing

  • 2nd level support in case the student gets stuck or has doubts

Check out the Course Guide for more details and enroll your team members working with the retail industry! The course is enrollable to everyone, partners should enroll through the partner portal and third parties through the webpage.

The New Technical Training

Implementing the retail backoffice and the frontend WebPOS is no walk in the park given the many variables and specifics of the individual retailers. Mastering the Openbravo Commerce Platform and its modular customization capabilities is a must for any implementation and development team which was our guideline in designing this new course.

This new Commerce Platform Technical Training is a self-study course targeted at Openbravo Certified Developers that:

  • are already experts in Openbravo ERP Platform development, AND

  • have a strong background in Java and Javascript

Here are a few highlights of the course:

  • It is a self-study ondemand course that can be enrolled into at any time through the Partner Portal or the webpage for third parties.

  • Roughly 30 hours of student’s time is required to complete it within the 30-day access period given.

  • To provide a strong learning experience the course includes exercises, checkpoints and 2nd level support (an instructor that grades the checkpoints and resolves doubts and questions)

  • Resources are available in English only

The topics covered by the course are as follows:

  • Setting up the Eclipse development environment

  • New buttons and dialogs to display custom information

  • New payment types and payment gateways

  • Adding business logic through hooks

  • Implementing custom discount types

  • The hardware manager

Find more details about this new technical training within the Course Guide.

We look forward to seeing your team members in the courses and providing customers with the excellent service around the Openbravo Commerce Platform. Do not hesitate to contact us at with any doubts or questions.

Rok Lenardic, Openbravo Education Manager

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